Roof Authority just finished a beautiful standing seam metal roof installation in Roswell, Georgia. The home was built in the early 2000s, and the roof had never been replaced. When this new homeowner decided to get a new roof installed, she searched for an expert in metal roof installation.


Low Maintenance & Environmentally Friendly

The owner had experience with metal roof and knew she was making the right investment. Though it is more expensive than traditional asphalt roofing, a metal roof lasts much longer. It is a great investment in Metro Atlanta because it is able to withstand our crazy weather: high winds, hail and extreme heat. Homeowners also like the sleek look and the low maintenance they require. It’s also more environmentally friendly! It has an increased solar reflectivity and often insurance companies will give discounts on policies once it is installed versus the typical asphalt shingle.


Increased Home Value

This home previously had architectural shingles and some exposed fastener metal roofing. But they were wearing down. When the new homeowner purchased the home, the inspection revealed that the roof needed to be replaced. The homeowner already owned a mountain property that has standing seam metal roofing, so she knew she wanted to make that investment on her new home. In addition to durability, the metal roof increases the home value. And if you choose a reflective finish, a metal roof can keep your house cooler.


Expert Metal Roof Installers

Finding a roofing company with metal roof experience can be difficult. Installation takes longer (about 10 days) and is more labor intensive. Roof Authority is one of the few expert installers the Roswell area. This homeowner found Roof Authority through a Google Search, where many of our previous customers have given us 5-star reviews!


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Your roof is the most critical part of your home that protects it from the elements. Roof Authority offers a complete array of roofing solutions. We are experienced in various types of residential and commercial roof repairs and rebuilds in metro Atlanta. Contact us today for a roof inspection or quote for new roofing. And for metal roofing Roswell GA and metro Atlanta homeowners call Roof Authority.

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