This New Roof in Roswell Demonstrates 2 Things

1.  A good warranty from the manufacturer is important, so is the Labor or Workmanship warranty from the contractor putting it on.

2.  Commitment to quality is Roof Authority of Roswell’s number one priority. We are not focused on the speed of our work. It’s nice that we have crews talented and big enough to accomplish it but not what we set out to do. Getting it done correctly the 1st time is more important. The speed of the crew and getting jobs done in a day is more of a byproduct of having good crews, on-site supervision and well-developed processes and standards.

We interviewed Isaiah from Roof Authority about the process of a new roof that was added in Roswell. He shared with us the details about how a New Roof from Roof Authority is installed.


Why did the homeowner contact you?

“It was simply time for the customer to replace his roof. We were one of three companies he called out to look at the roof. We performed a video inspection for him and noticed some of his ridge cap shingles were cracking and blowing off. Also, some shingles were starting to degranulate and there were few leaks present. We showed them some issues with his old chimney pan and two of his skylights that were beginning to show signs of failure. Lastly, there were a few areas where a special underlayment would be required that we identified. We emailed our inspection over to the customer and set an appointment for an in-person presentation. We presented the customer with several options for his re-roof along with choices for replacing their skylights and chimney pan. The customer decided to go with the architectural roof option with two new skylights and chimney pan. We used CertainTeed’s Landmark shingle in Charcoal Black, Velux deck mounted skylights w/ custom flashing kits & fabricated a new powder-coated chimney pan for them. We also brought the roof up to code by installing a drip edge to all the rakes and eaves. “


Why are the warranties that come with the roof?

First, Roof Authority is a Master Shingle Applicator.
Roof Authority has it’s own 10 Year Workmanship Warranty.
Certain Teed SureStart Plus – 50 Years Non-Prorated, 100% Coverage (Material, Labor, Tear-Off & Disposal).
130 MPH Wind Warranty, 12 Years Fully Transferable & 10 Years Algae Resistant.


What was the process like for the homeowner?

“Isaiah and Jeff (foreman) were on site the entire installation. They moved some items out of the way for the customer and laid the tarps to protect the grounds around the home. Our foreman provided the customer with updates throughout the day. The crew was able to remove the old roof, replace rotted decking, install ice and water shield (wall, valleys, skylights, penetrations, chimney and 3/12 roof slope), dried the roof in with synthetic felt, installed drip edge, replaced plumbing boots, installed the new shingles and ventilation. Isaiah returned the next day to make sure the grounds were clean, dumpster removed and everything was installed correctly.”


Call A Professional to Replace Your Roof

When installing a new roof in Roswell or north Atlanta, there are many factors to consider. Get advice from Roof Authority.Your roof is the most critical part of your home that protects it from the elements. So if your roof is 10 years old or more, call us for a professional inspection and analysis. We can spot potential problems and fix them long before they will be noticeable to you. Roof Authority offers a complete array of roofing solutions. We are experienced in various types of residential and commercial roof repairs and installation in metro Atlanta. Contact us today for a roof inspection or quote for installing a new roof in Roswell or north metro Atlanta.

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