Leaky Pipe Boot requiring roof repair

With all the rain we have been getting in the Atlanta area, thousands of homeowners are finding themselves fighting the same battle… LEAKS! Every time it rains we at Roof Authority know our phones will be busy with homeowners reporting water stains suddenly appearing on their ceiling. We’ve compiled a series of quick articles containing basic facts that could save you money and prevent the need for a new roof (visit our Knowledge Center for more articles).

Inspect Your Pipe Boots! One easily preventable type of leak that we come across on a daily basis is water stains on the bathroom ceiling. Take a look at your roof. You see those white pipes sticking out? Those pipes allow methane gas to exhaust from your plumbing system, through the roof of your home. At the bottom of the pipe, around the shingles, is what’s commonly called a pipe boot. Over time the sun deteriorates the boot where it meets the pipe, and the boot begins to crack. As soon as it rains, you have a leak. If your pipe boots are beginning to look weathered, there are 2 ways we can address the issue.

The easiest is to install a UV rain collar over the boot (we call them “donuts”). If your decking has not already rotted, this is the most cost efficient way to fix your leak. The donut provides an extra layer of protection from the sun on top of the boot. Your roofer should have installed one of these when your roof was installed, but many times they do not. Roof Authority installs these on all of our jobs.

If you have rotted decking around the boot we have another method. The old boot will be removed along with the shingles and rotted decking around it. New decking is installed and then a layer of “ice & water shield” is put on top of the decking. We then apply new shingles.  Every homeowner should check to ensure their shingles completely cover both sides of all pipe boots, and that caulking is applied under the shingles on top of the boots.  Finally the donut(s) should be installed and caulked.

If you are facing any of these issues, give us a call.  We will provide you with a custom solution that fits your needs. We also provide maintenance programs to prevent these issues from occurring in the future and maximize the life of your roof.  And, if it IS time for a new roof, we offer free estimates.  Just
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