Maintaining a sound rooftop is a crucial part of property maintenance. It keeps your home interior warm and dry from the elements. At the first sign of leaking, schedule residential roof repairs immediately to stop water from seeping in and rotting the wood sheathing underneath. Ignoring the problem, even what appears to be a small one, may cause more problems and cost more in the long run.


Causes of Roof Leaks

Most roof leaks are similar in nature. Common causes for roof leaks and damage include the following:

  • Blown off or missing shingles
  • Bad or broken flashing
  • Old or dried-out roof caulk
  • Shingle punctures from falling branches

If you notice any of these signs, call a roofing specialist immediately to get the problem fixed before further damage occurs.


Signs of Roof Leaks

Once you have a roof leak, the damage will eventually show up in other areas of the house. Hopefully, you’ll find these sooner rather than later, but look for any of the following:

Water Stains on Your Ceilings

A water stain may look like a large puddle on the ceiling, often ringed with brown. However, it may not look like that at all. Some stains are difficult to see as they occur in darker corners, while others are small stains that could be a sign of a much larger leak. If you notice discoloration on your ceiling or walls, take a closer look for mold, moisture, and other telltale signs of a leak.

Sometimes There’s a Drip

If you see drips, moisture on the walls, or moisture stains but don’t see them often, you may still have a leak in your roof. Even if that leak seems to go away, get it checked. Chronic moisture problems can cause permanent damage.

Water Spots on Your Exterior Walls

Every so often, take a look under your roof line outdoors. If there are water spots under there, you may have trouble where the walls meet the roof. Water spots in this location can point to problems with your flashing.

Mossy or Moldy Exterior Walls

If you have a mossy or moldy exterior wall, it could be that it’s in a less-than-sunny spot, but it could also point to a problem with your downspouts or gutters. While they’re not made out of roofing material, downspouts and gutters form an integral part of your roofing system as they move water away from your roof and down into the ground.

Missing Shingles or Debris In Your Downspouts

Missing shingles, broken seams around structures such as chimneys, and debris in your gutters and downspouts could point to troubles with your roofing material. A roof that’s losing shingles is more prone to leaking over time, and even though you don’t see a leak inside your house, there could still be a slow leak into the attic or crawl space.


Need a Professional Inspection?

Some leaks are more obvious than others, whereas some leaks are evident only because of odor or wood damage. Or it may not be your roof that’s leaking but the metal flashing around your chimney or vent pipes or your gutters. Even if you think the leak is obvious, we can do a thorough examination to make sure that there aren’t more trouble spots.


Contact Roof Authority for Residential Roof Repairs

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