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So you put it off as long as you could. But recently, you started getting water stains on your ceiling. You have been saving for it and now you’ve decided it is time to replace the roof. You asked friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations for roofers. You spent a few hours searching Google for the best roofing contractor in Atlanta.  You’ve received several new roof estimates. You narrowed your list down to 5 contractors. After listening to 5 different sales pitches, you narrowed it down to the 2 final quotes (you learned more about roofing than you ever wanted to know). Your final roofing contractors both have great reviews, similar prices, identical scope of work, and are insured. Both feature a new roof warranty.  You look at the roof warranties offered and wonder, what’s the difference?

Roofing Contractor A seems like a great guy. He has a nice truck, clean cut, well spoken, knowledgeable and the price is competitive. At the bottom of his estimate, the new roof warranty terms state only “manufacturer’s warranty”.

Roofing Contractor B is basically the same as Contractor A. But you notice a slight difference. The better contractor, B, gave you 3 different estimates for the same shingle type. You read the details noticed that there are different variations of “manufacturer’s warranties” provided with each estimate. This contractor also backed up his work with an additional new roof warranty provided by his company (hint, Contractor B is Roof Authority!).  This is because Contractor B has been certified by the manufacturer.  The manufacturer understands that properly installed roofing products last longer, so they can provide longer warranties.

This is when you realize you’ve made your decision. With Contractor B, your purchase is backed by 2 new roof warranties. You hate to tell contractor A he didn’t get the job, but contractor B just gives you more piece of mind.

New Roof Warranty:  The moral of the story…

You would be amazed at how many people pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for a new roof from a “reputable” contractor, only to get the same old manufacturer’s new roof warranty. The fact is those basic manufacturer’s warranties are limited in their coverage. They are also prorated from the start.

Most shingle manufacturers offer extended warranties with greater coverage to contractors meeting certain requirements. These contractors take the time to get certified by passing a series of tests given by the manufacturers. The tests cover a wide variety of topics specific to that manufacturer’s such as: acceptable installation methods for each shingle type, proper flashing, proper ventilation and much more. Their extended warranties can cover items like tear off, material, labor and disposal. Some of those warranties can extend up to 50 years, non-prorated!

Roof Authority offers several new roof warranty options to our customers when quoting their roof. Being certified as a Master Shingle Applicator, and having close relationships with manufacturers, enables us to provide additional outstanding warranties at a great value for your peace of mind. In addition to these extended coverage options we also back each install with a warranty of our own.

Thanks from your friends at Roof Authority!

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