Memorial Day is almost here and it’s starting to get hot. We know because we spend most of our day on roof tops! You know it because your air conditioner is starting to wake up.

So when your air conditioner is running, do notice that sections of your house are warmer than others? Or maybe too cold in other sections? We see this issue even when a home has a well maintained or brand new A/C unit. Your problem could be caused by poor roof ventilation.


Understanding Roof Ventilation Requirements

The next time you are walking in your neighborhood or out for a run, take a look at all the roofs. You may notice many different types of vents and fans that are utilized to circulate the air inside the roofs.  Improper roof ventilation is one of the most common roof issues homeowners face. We often see new homes with all sorts of different ventilation systems. And more ventilation is better; right? Not so fast…

In order to stay cool in the summer, as well as dry and warm in the winter, your roof needs good air flow. Your roof should have the proper type of exhaust AND adequate intake. All too often we see a home with ridge vent, power fans and box vents all on the same roof. Often all those ventilation systems compete with each other causing more harm than good. Proper attic ventilation is critical for your home to operate efficiently.  Your roofing contractor should be evaluating your roof’s ventilation requirements. This should be done during any repairs and during installation of a new roof.


Get a Professional Inspection

If you feel like you have issues with your roof’s ventilation, stop sacrificing comfort and wasting money on your energy bills.  Call Roof Authority today!  All Roof Authority estimates detail a plan to maximize the efficiency of airflow in your attic. Furthermore, we also specialize in evaluating your current ventilation profile and making the necessary repairs or upgrades to ensure you are getting the most from your home. Contact Roof Authority for a “no obligation” estimate today.


Call Roof Authority

Make sure your roof ventilation requirements are in order with Roof Authority.Your roof is the most critical part of your home that protects it from the elements. So if your roof is 10 years old or more, call us for a professional inspection and analysis. We can spot potential problems and fix them long before they become serious. Whether it’s metal vs asphalt shingle roofing, Roof Authority offers a complete array of roofing solutions. Contact us today for a roof inspection to make sure your roof ventilation requirements are in order.

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