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Recently Roof Authority helped a Roswell resident who had been having some roof issues. He found us through Google while looking for roofers in his area.

The homeowner wanted an inspection because he had been having some leaks. After going over the process of getting a new roof versus repairing the roof, he decided it would be in his best interest to get a new roof.


Project Background

The homeowner had just purchased the home in a lovely subdivision called Devereux Chase in Roswell only a few months earlier. After moving in, he realized there were several leaks. This prompted him to call around. A few companies just gave him a repair number, while Roof Authority provided an overall assessment of the roof. After our inspection, we determined that the roof was nearly ready for replacement. It was a 3 tab black shingle. The average life spans of builder-grade roofs for new homes is 20 years. The original roof was about 15-20 years old.


Details of the Roof

For this home, the best option was an architectural style shingle. He ended up selecting Certain Teed’s Landmark in Charcoal Black. Roof Authority also replaced rotted decking, installed a leak barrier (walls, valleys, chimney and penetrations) before drying the roof in with a synthetic roof felt. Drip edge was installed to all rakes and eaves per code. All pipe boots were replaced and rain collars were added. The existing ventilation system was upgraded to a shingle over ridge vent exhaust system. The counter flashing along the brick walls was also replaced. Gutters were blown out, yard was swept with magnets and debris hauled away.


How Long Did the Job Take?

Even though this was a complicated 3 story home, it took one day. The Roof Authority crew started at 7 am. But it was done by 6 pm.

Isaiah had been the salesperson and was also assigned as the roof installation supervisor. Roof Authority always has a supervisor on-site during install day. Luckily, the family was able to stay home, without disruption, while the crews worked outside. Isaiah, sent exterior shots of the progress to the homeowner inside as the day unfolded. Additionally, Roof Authority’s owner also stopped by a few times during the day to assess.

As standard procedures, the salesman comes back to inspect the very next day. His job is to walk the yard and pick up any loose debris like straggler roof nails (these are common things most roofing companies don’t look for). While Isaiah was there, he also did a final visual inspection of the roof. It looked great!


How Did the Client Feel?

The client loved his roof! He loved it so much he even recommended Roof Authority to his brother and we are now putting up his roof this week! Since 2009, Roof Authority of Roswell has delivered high-quality installation and roof repairs to our community.


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