Roof Authority is a veteran owned based company in Roswell, Georgia. We are passionate about our work and our community. That’s why we support monthly a local charity supporting veterans. It is called Silver Lining Villages Life Skills Academy. This organization provides amazing services for veterans, as well as active duty Servicemen and women and their families.


Silver Lining Villages

The organization brands itself as “holistic living for veterans.” The mission is to give these heroes non-invasive tools, techniques and practices to help deal with many of the issues that surround the veteran community. These issues include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual trauma in the military, homelessness and joblessness.

Here are some of the programs Silver Lining Villages offers:

  1. Group and Individual Counseling – Veterans who have had difficult experiences while serving in the military have access to specialized counseling in this program. They offer retreats a peaceful setting as they address traumas the veterans may have experienced.
  2. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) – This is the primary counseling method this program uses. It is a holistic approach. And it gives people different techniques to deal with anxiety and trauma, including acupressure and tapping.
  3. Military Sexual Trauma (MST) retreats – One to seven day retreats to teach techniques to cope with trauma related to sexual abuse or harassment that occurred during military service. Silver Lining also provides specialized individual sessions and Skype meetings for those who do not want to attend a retreat.
  4. Vocational Training Program – This program was slated to begin early this year, but was delayed because of COVID-19. It gives veterans to train in skills such as aquaponics agriculture. They also have used a home remodel to give participants a chance to train in home construction.


Support for Our Veterans

We are proud to help support the veterans in our community that have served our country and now deserve some extra attention here at home.

If you would like to support this excellent Georgia veteran charity, they accept vehicles, credit cards, Paypal and more.

Silver Linings Villages
8375 Cedar Grove Road
Fairburn, GA 30213


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